Multivest Micro Finance Bank Limited is a fully licensed microfinance bank established in May 2007 but was licensed to operate as community bank since 1993 . The bank commenced business in July 2008. We are located in the central business district of

The bank has over 12,000 customers on its database with deposit and loans portfolio of N93.82 million and 431.54 million respectively as at 30/06/2016. We have grown in leaps and bounds to providing support for the active people while we also support micro, small and medium scale enterprises (MSMES) which cut across all sectors of the economy.

Multivest MFB is a bank founded by professionals of different backgrounds who pulled resources together to provide support for the MSMES in and around its immediate environment.
The professionals are in the field of medicine, development finance, banking, ICT specialist etc.

The bank is highly committed to providing products and services for its varied clientele among which are:

  • Acceptance of deposit (Savings, Current and Tenor deposit)
  • Collection of cheque proceeds through Deposit Money banks.
  • Provision of micro and group loans.
  • Provision of overdraft and loans.
  • Provision of hire purchase/ Lease facilities.
  • Provision of banking services like domestic remittance of funds and safe custody.
  • Offer of investment and advisory services.
  • Buying and selling of agricultural inputs/raw materials for farmers and cooperative groups.
  • Bulk purchase for cooperative groups

The bank has a committed Board and Management who formulate policies towards ensuring the achievement of the desired objectives of the organization. We also have dedicated management and staffs who work around the clock to ensure business generation for the bank.